Critter Crumbs

 Critter Crumbs                                                                  Updated April 2017

 Homemade Foods  
Plecos, Snails, Shrimp, Dwarf Crays, Turtles and Fish 
All Natural Ingredients
No Preservatives, artificial flavour
or colouring. 
by Pamela(jo)
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 When I first got into Apple snails I started making my own food for them, as there was not much available in sinking
food form that was mostly vegetables with the exception of algae wafers. I started noticing that my bristlenose plecos were also
eating the Critter Crumbs as well as my livebearers.  So over the next few years I started making adjustments to the recipe until I was able to
incorporate all the ingredients I wanted to use and still have a sinkable finished food.  Over the last 2 years I started playing around with
different varieties to suit the different needs of my fish. One recipe came about from a special request order that went over really well. 
I now have 5 variations.  All recipes have be tested on my in-house guinea pigs, who have approved of all my current variations.
Friends of mine have also tried it with their fish, who also approved.  
I am not a business just a hobbyist using my food  to help pay for my hobby, and keep hubby from complaining when I
buy more fish. :-)
My food can also be crushed so it floats.
A little goes a long way!!  
If there is some in the tank the next day then it usually means it was too much. 

Thanks for your interest!!




My food is dehydrated with low heat to preserve nutrients.

Store food in air tight containers in cool area. 

Can also be frozen if you purchase a larger batch.

Critter Crumbs can be crushed into powder for fry. 

My livebearers and convicts will eat it right off the bottom in chunks so I have never crushed it for them or any other fish.